P05 : Large Fluted Vase
Size:  7 h x 4 d x 7 rim
Patterns:  Sea Grasses, Bamboo
Colors:  shades of blue, green ,
             or gold/brown


P14:  Small Vase
Size:  6 h x 4 d
Colors:  White on white, or accents
              of  blue, gold or green


P20:  "Clamshell" Vase
Size:  11"  diam, 4"  width
Pattern : Wild orchid
Colors: l
avender, pink/gray,
             or teal.


P22:  Hanging Planter
Size:  4" h x 4" dia
Pattern : Sea Grasses
Colors: shades of blues, greens,
             lavendars, red/pinks


P21:  Tall Ridged Vase
Size:  13" h x 4" diam at base
white on white
P16:  Pitcher
Size:  6 h x 3 d
Pattern:  Strawflowers
Colors:  shades of blue or green,
             or peach/pink/rose


  P46:  Windowsill Garden
Size:  tray: 12" x 3"; pots: 3"h x 3"d
Pattern:  Dragonfly, Impatiens
Colors:  shades of blue, green,
               red, or gold


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